Call for papers – Journal Decolonial Horizons Nº 3 – 2017

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Interculturality and Religion
Analytical Keys for Their Sociopolitical Relevance

— Call for Papers —

Description of the issue
The concept of interculturality has become increasingly relevant within socio-anthropological and political studies. As a framework, it admits new analytical keys in social terms as well as other claims and issues that have not been part of the canon of sociology, political science, or anthropology. Some of these new keys are: (a) the role of culture in the study of social matrices, (b) the need to include new analytical frames (identity, subjects, intersubjectivity, post/decolonial, etc.), (c) the concept of hybridization as a holistic category, and (d) the issues surrounding national borders and cultural identities as well as political and economic implications of cultural disputes, among many other possibilities.
In this issue we attempt to analyze the category of interculturality in relation to the diverse claims, frameworks, and issues within the field of religion, focusing especially on how this field is enmeshed in cultural dynamics and matrices. Given this starting point, some specific themes to address are: The ways in which indigenous spiritualities challenge modern and Western worldviews, the deconstruction of the idea of the religious from the perspective of non-hegemonic experiences, the concept of interculturality as a framework for the construction and redefinition of theological and religious elements, and the like. These topics do not only refer to the present context but also to the past, which can likewise be reread post/de-colonially.

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